The ReSOW project

The ReSOW project will generate a step-change in our understanding of the contribution of seagrass to the UK’s environmental security, economy and wellbeing.

It will apply a holistic, systems-based approach which integrates understanding of environmental functioning with the various priorities of those who use, or benefit from, the coast. Importantly, the project will inform interventions for the management of seagrass which align with local, national and international priorities, yet that are inclusive of the needs of multiple stakeholders and geared towards the long-term sustainability of coastal communities.

ReSOW’s objectives

We will develop a transferable and scalable tool that not only synthesises environmental, social and economic factors, but frames them within the context of achieving maximum gains to priority communities and groups. The tool will be concept tested on a priority, model coastal habitat We will achieve this through the following objectives:

Objective 1

Evidence the value of seagrass restoration by conducting the first national seagrass natural capital assessment.

Objective 2

Understand the role of social factors and governance structures in seagrass management and how they can be used and potentially improved to support seagrass restoration.

Objective 3

Identify optimal intervention locations for seagrass restoration which maximise ecosystem service benefits and project support.

Objective 4

Create a novel Coastal Ecosystem Enhancement Decision Support (CEEDS) Tool.

ReSOW objectives